Infodrama Aṣṭnāyikā

Ashtnayika refers to eight kinds of heroines in drama and literature described in Natya Shastra of Bharata and Dashrupaka of Dhanajaya, based on the situational and emotional state of woman-kind. But the present infodrama entitled Ashtanayika deals with eight legendary and iconic women i.e., ‘Nayikas’ of India, mythological or historical, who represent the position and personality of womenfolk in different periods and situations. A popular event of the life of each of the nayikas has been dramatized which also depicts the fashion of the era concerned but elaboration is on the character and convictions.

Gallery of Arts to be animated in Infodrama

Girls from colleges and schools can take part as ACTRESSES in this event.

The selected students will get conveyances and a participation/experience certificate.

The objective underneath is to show the ‘real status’ of Indian women in contemporary societies which has been misinterpreted by the Western scholars and Marxist historians. As a conclusion of the study of ‘life of woman in India’ over the entire historical timeline, it can be said that role of the women in India in family, society and polity has been pivotal and far superior to western societies (except Spartans). The modern fashion trends and many of the dresses considered as ‘western’ originated in India.