(निःशुल्क शिक्षा कार्यक्रम)

Whom this programme is meant for?

This programme welcomes the students who want to have a deep knowledge in the subject they study and wish to pursue an academic career in future. Pressently the subjects covered in this prograame are:

  1. Physics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Humanities: History, Archaeology and Sanskrit
What we do?

Science students of class 11 and 12 are given free coaching for the preparation of IITs, IISERs, NISER, IISc, IIST, NEET etc.

Students of class 9 and 10 get free counselling for methodical study of science or humanities (as per their aptitude) so that they may pursue a successful academic career after 10th.

A selected bunch of students of class 9 and 11 get regular coaching for JEE Advance and NEET under the scheme "Leaders".

Why are we doing this?

As far as possible, with an objective of checking the falling standard of education (particularly of science education) owing to the mushrooming substandard private tutorials/coachings as well as substandard teaching methodology and incompetent teachers in schools, we have come up with this programme of presenting a model of “methodical teaching and study”.

With a national record of only 3% job worthy engineers produced by Indian institutions, the situation in Bihar is even worse. The state is at the bottom of the list of performers in JEE Advance and other national entrances. Majority of the 'better performing' students belonging to Bihar is coming from the institutions located outside of the state.

This negative trend in our home state is due to the fact that students do not study to learn any more; but they only prepare (or made to prepare by schools and coachings) for examinations in the name of study, under the popular impression that “education is meant for a job only”. But, ironically, this very concept leads them to the state of unemployment and lifelong struggle for livelihood.

Through this programme, if we wouldn't be able to reverse this very trend, we may preserve some talents for craetive research and innovation at least.


1. For weekly counselling and guidance (on Saturdays):

Bihar Puravid Parishad, Mansa Puran Hanuman Mandir Campus, Shastri Nagar, Patna (Google map is provided indicating approach from Patna Zoo ticket counter).

Helpline mobile number: 9471175744

बिहार पुराविद परिषद् का कार्यालय, मनसा पूरण हनुमान मंदिर, शास्त्रीनगर, पटना।

(पटना जू से मनसा पूरण मंदिर, बिहार पुराविद परिषद् का रास्ता)

2. For weekly counselling and guidance (on Sundays) & Regular Classes (for selected candidates):

FACES, Singh Niwas, Rai Ji Ki Gali (Kamta Singh Lane), Near Oro Dental Clinic, East Boring Canal Road, Patna.

Helpline mobile number: 9570085004

फेसेस, सिंह निवास, कामता सिंह लेन (राय जी की गली), पूर्वी बोरिंग कैनाल रोड, पटना।
लैंड-मार्क : विष्णु प्लेस, ओरो डेंटल क्लिनिक

(बोरिंग रोड चौराहा, जी. वी. मॉल से फेसेस के कार्यालय का रास्ता)

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