FOUNDATION FOR ART CULTURE ETHICS & SCIENCE, popularly known by its acronym FACES, Patna, is an organization undertaking the programmes/initiatives for revival and promotion of Indian Culture, Heritage, Ethical Values and our ages-long tradition of Science and Scientific Way of Life.

President: Dr. Ruchi Sharan
Vice President: Dr. Shankar Suman
Secretary: Sunita Bharti

The present on-going activities of the organization are as follows:

  1. Production of plays under Heritage Play series for mass-education and public-awareness about heritage and archaeological finds. This is the first instance of application of theatre in museology in India.  

  2. Play production (in the genre other than heritage play) showcasing forgotten cultural and ethical values.

  3. Organising seminars and lectures on the subjects in history, archaeology and heritage conservation, in collaboration with Bihar Puravid Parishad and Patna Museum, Patna.

  4. Programmes for secondary and senior secondary students to revive the tradition of methodical science study, targeted to build scientific think tank. The programme has been designed to produce researchers and science scholar rather than skilled workers.

  5. Training of acting and theatrical arts including personality development through the ancillary “School of Acting”.

  6. Publication of books.

There are three membership categories: Constitutional Member, Artist Member and Resource Persons.

The organization is self-financed, funded by the contribution of the constitutional members.
Acknowledgement of Interest
Please fill the form to acknowledge us that you are interested in our oraganization and want to become a member. We will respond you as soon as possible.
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