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Didarganj (Chauri-Bearer) Yakshi Centenary Year “Open Letter Competition”

(FACES) Foundation for Art, Culture, Ethics & Science, Patna, with Department of Art, Culture & Youth Affairs, Government of Bihar and Daink Jagran, Patna organized the Didarganj (Chauri-Bearer) Yakshi Centenary Year “Open letter Competition” for the students of class 9 to 12 at Patna Museum Auditorium, Patna on 23 November 2106, at 11 AM. The subject given to the students for write-up was “Chauri-Bearer Yakshi: Introduction, History & Art.”
About 30 schools (govt. & public) and more than 50 students participated in this competition. The students presented and read out an ‘open-letter’ before a panel of three eminent historians at Patna Museum Auditorium.
The panelist historians were: Dr. Umesh Chand Dwiwedi, Ex-Director Patna Museum, Dr. Chitranjan Prasad Sinha, Ex-Director, Kashi Prasad Jayaswal Research Institute, Patna and Dr. Shiv Kumar Mishra, Research Assistant, Bihar Research Society Patna.
The programme started at 11 AM and concluded at 4 PM. The trophies and certificates were distributed at 4 PM to the winners by the chief guest of the event, Dr. V. K. Majumdar, HOD, Dept. of Ancient History & Archeology, Patna University, Patna.
According to the secretary of the FACES Sunita Bharti and Dr. Vijay Kumar, Curator of Patna Museum, Patna, this competition was an exclusive endeavor with regard to its subject and modus operandi.
The “Chauri-Bearer”, in the world-forum of history and archeology, is well known as an exemplary image, representing the height of sculpting, modeling and polishing technique as well as aesthetic, cultural and social psyche of the Murayan Period altogether.

Since, with its ‘smile’, ‘bend’ and ‘plasticity’, the charm of ‘Didarganj Yakshi’ surpasses the like features of some of the famous ‘masterpieces’ of the world like Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo (the Aphrodite), it is very much necessary to introduce our young generation to this very antiquity. And there is no better way than to ask the student to research, write and speak about this magnificent piece of antiquity in an open forum. While searching to write about it, the students must have discovered many exotic pieces of the past which were yet unknown to them and they must have wondered about the amazing history of their land.

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