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Physics Foundation conducts a model physics class, absolutely free, for Senior Secondary (class XI & XII) students who want to do a deep study of physics targeting a scientific career in pure and applied science. The main objective of the programme is to inspire the talented students for academic study of pure science, research and innovation. Methodical teaching process provides a comprehensive exploit of the subject and naturally, a student scores and ranks very high in the examinations. To assist the study at home, topic wise study material and video-lectures are available online. Click the Free Study Material for this. ┬áThe study materials are chapters of the famous book series ‘Quickpack’ (for XI) and ‘Scorepack’ (for XII) by Arvind Kumar, specially designed for quick but wholesome knowledge of physics. The videos are informal class room recordings, quite different from the numerous videos-lessons available across the internet. A student, while watching these videos feels virtually attending the class and fully enjoys the lessons. If you are an ambitious physics lover and you want to taste the real thrill and excitement of physics, you must join the classes by getting enrolled.

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