Sunita Bharti Gives a New Dimension to Theatre

First time in the history of Indian theatre, Sunita Bharti used theatre as an effective tool for educating people about heritage, culture and their conservation.
By integrating theatre with higher education in her celebrated directorial venture “YAKSHINI” she opened a great possibilty of application of theatre in public musiology, archaeology and other streams of education; thus, opening a new vista of utilitarian creativity in theatre.


This play is a new genre of plays introduced in India by Sunita Bharti, called infodrama, a presentation pertaining to the concept of  ‘Public Museology’. She has produced a series of such plays (infodramas) called Heritage Plays showcasing the story of and information about the iconic heritages of India; the Yakshini is the first of this series.
Such plays as the series of Heritage play are also stereotype productions for ‘theatre in education’ presentations.
There have been five shows of the play Yakshini in a short period of one and half year in prominent Institutions of India including IGNCA, New Delhi, Patna Museum, Bihar Museum etc.
This is a research-based drama, written by Arvind Kumar and research by Dr. Shanka Suman, Curator Patna Museum.

Mai Hoon Patna Sangrahalay

This is an informative soliloquy, based on the facts provided by Dr. Shankar Suman about the history of Patna Museum Patna and written by Arvind Kumar. Concept of the play and the direction of Sunita Bharti has made this play a visual documentation on Patna Museum.


This a period play written by Dr. C. N. Singh, on the life of great warrior and patriot of Mewār, the Prime Minister of Maharana Pratāp Singh, Bhāmāshah Oswāl.
Sunita Bharti also played a central role of the wife of trader Khuddi Ram in this play.

Jaychand Ke Ansu

This is period play based on the life of the Gaharwar King Jaychand of Kannauj, who betrayed the interest of the nation and was vanquished by the Muslim aggressor Ghori, written by Dr. C. N. Singh. There have been two shows of this play.
Sunita Bharti, also played Sanyogita (the beloved and royal consort of Prithwiraj, the defeated warrior King of Delhi)

Sunita Bharti designed and directed the following plays in the capacity of assistant director:

Shershah (Dr. Chaturbhuj)

Naya Bangla (A K Mukharjee)

Andha-Yug (By Dharmveer Bharti)

Vijay Vibhuti (By Dr. C. N. Singh)


Sunita Bharti has acted in almost 50 plays as protagonist or as a central character, many of the plays having more than one shows.
Apart from stage plays, she has been acting and directing Street Plays also, and more than a dozen plays are there either she has acted in or directed.

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