Historical Hindi play " यक्षिणी " staged. See the slideshow. Patna Museum, Patna Centenary Celebration: Click Here to download the Application Form & Rules for Essay Writing & Recitation Competition to be held on April 4, 2017. Under the "Vigyanoday" programme of FACES, Physics Foundation is providing free Tutorial, Counselling and Study Matrial for senior secondary physics. Click the Physics Foundation tab and sign in to avail the services. सांस्कृतिक संस्थाओं / विद्यालयों से अनुरोध है कि वे अपने कार्यक्रमों / नाटकों की पूर्व-सूचना एवं कार्यक्रम के बाद पूर्ण-विवरण info@faces.org.in पर भेजने की कृपा करें ताकि उसे इस वेव-साईट पर डाला जा सके। लिंक है: www.faces.org.in/patna-news/patna-theatre-news

Recent Activities

First hindi play on an antique"Yakshini", produced by the School of Theatrical art, FACES, Patna Click Here for detail.

Play Yakshini Slides show.

Patna Museum, Patna: Centenary Celebration : Click Here for detail


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